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About:  Jan Jacka


Hi my name is Jan Jacka. I am an amateur photographer, who loves to take photos of just about anything. Wildlife and rural scenes are my passion, but am up for any challenge. I live in the Riverina surrounded by irrigation crops from Cotton to Rice, and sheep & cattle properties.

I  purchased my first drone about 6 years ago, and this has taken my style of photography to the next level,  doing aerial photos of farming properties, livestock and cropping.

I prefer to showcase my photos with very little editing.  I love the challenge to show a subject in it's natural state.

This website is to promote and share my photography, all images are for sale, please contact me for prices and (c) Jan Jacka Photography (Jan Jacka) . I am a registered business with an ABN. 


Portfolio photo taken by Lisa Brettschneider Photography.

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